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  European Doberman Pinschers Top CH lines Bred by George and Laersa Paulus

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NEWS FLASH: THIS WEBSITE WILL BE SHUTTING DOWN  Very SOON due to webs our host being shut down>NOTE our email will still be active so please save it we may or may not be doing a new website.:  We do have a couple more planned breeding's that we are taking deposits for, but  only a couple more so please if you are wanting to get on our waiting list now is the time!   $100 to join our list and please email us at
dakinedobermans@gmail.com to reach our mentor and request our contract

NOTICE: Due to Covid and we have a very high risk child. No home visits and no puppy visits. Pick up all parties must wear a mask and it will take place outside. Thank you for your understanding.

Welcome to Dakine Dobermans in Salem Oregon we are George and Laersa Paulus.  This is our online Den. We and our dogs are Located in Salem Oregon. Tricia is our good friend and mentor for she used to own  Euro Dobermans for a very short period of time and currently has 5 Siberian Huskies she raises and shows and has a wealth of knowledge to share as well as knowledge of training,  and is able to keep up with perspective clients and the web site while we have our time taken up with our dogs and kids.
 We have two select  AKC European Dobermans from top champion IPO dogs behind our Dobermans Anya's Sire is "Red Bull King of Darkness".. I Laersa have trained and handled dogs for the Military and have extensive knowledge of training and dog behavior. I work out of the home so both dogs get all they need. Tricia works very closely with Us as breeders mentoring and guiding and talking with clients and make many visits to assist us with all aspects of  breeding. Both our Dobermans reside with us in our home here in Salem Oregon all pups are raised underfoot and with our children to help socialize we only have a couple dogs and we are not a kennel..
 Tricia as our mentor has many years put in with dogs (over 20) and is a Vet Tech by trade and a dog trainer. She works out of her home so is available to help us as needed making trips to Salem.  Anya, Lukas and Raven are part of our family and All pups are home raised in the home not in a kennel.  Being the Velcro breed they need and want to be with their people. 

We prefer the Euro lines due to the to required testing many breed clubs have in Europe before a breeder can breed European Doberman Pinschers are held to a higher breeding standard than our American Dobermans. In Europe they are not allowed to breed unless the dogs meet the breed standard for conformation and pass hip,temperament test and and at least the sire or the dam has to have a working title like a Schutzhund in order to sire or be the dam to a litter.
 We personally prefer how much more stout and larger boned Europeans are compared to American bred .
European lines are far more Superior in our opinion and tend to be not as high strung as the American show lines of Dobermans, 

In our Opinion  Doberman breeders that are breeding for protection, health and what this breed is bred to do are working  with European lines simple as that. European Dobermans. A breed like this should not be bred for the show ring if the standard calls for a finer boned lighter lankier dog, this just doesn't cut it for  personal protection, the AKC show ring calls for a dog that is to fine boned To do what they are solely bred to do protect the family this just doesn't make sense to me, so I choose not to conform. There are such obvious differences in Euro and American dobermans. and the difference is European dogs are built to do what the breed was intend for when created simple as that., Dobermans  are guardians of their people so they need to be be built to do so. This is the sole purpose the Doberman Pinscher was bred for. Created by a Tax collector in the 1800's they were bred to service man, and are the only breed of dog bred for this purpose only. All other breeds are bred for multipurpose. They are the Velcro breed by nickname and are truly devoted to their family,highly intelligent and easily trained.

But understand that European Dobermans often are more expensive than the American lines due to importation costs, etc. We feel there is a considerable difference between the American Doberman and the European Doberman.

 NOTE: There is a lot of issues of slamming and cut throat slander of breeders with this breed and many other breeds of dogs as far as dobermans breeders/exhibitors trashing other doberman breeders. Know this  : A good breeder will not talk nasty specifically about other breeders, but will give you things to look for in your breeder and try to help educate you about the breed and what to look for, The dog world can be a extremely jealous group of people. They can be quick to judge, and state things about other breeders based on assumptions and jealousy (know this first hand being a show breeder for many years).  I have had many emails from People looking for Dobermans asking me about other breeders they have heard bad things about. wondering if it was true. I say this : know that someone is always going to talk about about someone. Just the nature of the people. Sad but true. Please visit those breeders and judge for yourself. Ask questions and trust your gut. The American Doberman breeders have a very hard time with Euro breeders and vise versa. The Movie Best In Show wasn't just thought up, it can seriously ring true of dog breeders to the point of cunning cruel statements that are slander and  often un proven. As I say I love to show for the fun with me and my dog, but for the most part the people I can seriously do without. I felt I needed to address this due to all the emails I receive questioning what people have heard about other Doberman breeders in the surrounding areas and beyond. Take it with a grain of salt and do your own educated homework. Many times the talked about are truly the good ones everyone wants to be.


Please NOTE:  

 All of our dogs go out on a spay neuter contract  and are sold with limited AKC papers. We will not sell to breeders as to protect these exquisite lines  we have been blessed with and to keep from having American lines bred into them.  

 So note, we place them in pet homes and working dog homes most of the time or working homes.  We produce litters so we can share the best the Doberman breed has to offer with other families, and to wounded vets and those needing working dobermans with top notch prospects for intended purpose. We work closely with top trainers providing our dogs for search and rescue and protection work. our mission and our focus of our breeding program. 

 If you are interested in adding a quality  European bred Doberman to your family we ask that you research the breed and make sure you feel a Doberman Pinscher is right for you in every aspect. They are wonderful active dogs and make fabulous family companions if you are able to assert a dominant roll and give them the exercise they need. The intelligence of a Doberman I feel can not be matched. If you have any questions please feel free to email us or give us a call, we ask that when contacting us please tell us a little about yourself and your family and why you would like to add a Dobie to your family~ WE really do want to know as much as we can about perspective homes of our pups, so please share with us, and do request that we speak on the phone before you place a deposit so we may get to know you and you can ask any questions you may have.  Thank you~

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One of the purposes of this website is to teach people about European Doberman Breeders breeders in OregonEuropean Doberman breeder in Salem Oregon 

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