Da Kine Dobermans

  European Doberman Pinschers Top CH lines Bred by George and Laersa Paulus

Trish Our Mentor

Expert Speaker For The Ultimate Dog Summit and Featured by SDVoyager 

A little about Trish from Dakine Siberians who is  our personal Mentor and helper when needed, and good friend of ours for many years. She does this for us for the love of it  for dogs are her passion. She takes care of the web site, client questions as needed and helps screen people for our puppies we produce for Learesa is quite busy with our kids and dogs for they are home schooled. So having Trish help us with keeping up with client emails and questions with her experience is very valuable to us.  

 : Hello  I am Tricia, personal Mentor for George and Laeresa as they strive to produce quality Euro Dobermans that are home raised for family and Service dog as well as Military work, I am good friends with George and Learesa so working very closely with them to make sure good breeding practice and pups are raised in a loving environment not in a KENNEL.

The name Da Kine comes from my love of Maui, Hawaii. Tricia's Huskies are named after it because she lived on Maui for a few years, We loved the name so we (George and Learesa)  have chosen to use it for our dobermans for it's uniqueness. Dakine or Da Kine basicially means the kind, the thing,all kind. Used a lot on Maui and the other Islands.
 I show and raise very small scale Siberian Husky dogs as a hobby, not for the status and now mostly in International dog shows and UKC, for the European Doberman is not the style for AKC conformation due to size and stucture.
 We pride ourselves on not having too many dogs ..  dogs need to be family members and to do it right, litters need to be raised under foot not like livestock as our mentor has taught us. They need to be valid family members, and for this to be achieved they need to be very well socialized. Start life out in the kind of environment they will be living their life in. It is a very crucial period of development, both neurologically, and being raised in a kennel without enough human contact DOES EFFECT THEM  LIFELONG. 

Tricia as our mentor has been around dogs for over 25 years,  studied them and watched and known so many breeders who kennel raise pups and has informed us you don't want one. It can't be fully un done.  Not that a dog can't be a good family member, But they will have social issues you will have to deal with. This can't be expressed  enough. HUMAN INTERACTION AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE in the early life makes for a well adjusted pup. The best advice I can give you is find a breeder who is home and make sure of this, by visiting if necessary, and who can devote the time to socializing the litter properly. A Doberman is a protector of man, and his/her family. They are bred, and born into this world solely for this purpose. Keep that in mind while doing your search for a good breeder. Any breeder who will not let you come to their home and see their dogs, and how they are kept and raised is not acceptable!

-Our Mentors mission is to help us with our breeding program to produce dogs dogs for those in need of good Euro dogs for protection,military,service dogs,search and rescue and family protectors. They are breeding for purpose of the breed. What they are born to do and the structure that is required to do that job efficiently. As a family we take the time  to socialize each litter properly before coming to you. This is the purpose for breeding. We only have a couple of litters per year, due to the fact it takes so much time and dedication to do it properly. Our kids help with the needed socialization that makes these dogs the family dogs they are born to be. I as their friend  Tricia enjoys helping see us  succeed.  She loves helping us and has the time to keep up with people and the web site.

voyager Magazine contacted me for a interview 2019 you can click the link above to read what they wrote. Very flattered I guess I had people contact them about me :) thank you my pack and extended family.