Da Kine Dobermans

  European Doberman Pinschers Top CH lines Bred by George and Laersa Paulus

Breeding Planned roughly December 2020

WE are a Brucellosis free home our dogs have been blood tested negative.

We proudly offer all Military and First Responders a $100 discount for those who sacrifice under the flag for the better humanity in most any freedom loving country, but must have valid ID

(SSN/DL# redacted is good)

Thank you for your service. We personally know the tremendous burden of time and suffering to endure such a life. Missed holidays, barely bearable food, sleeping in 100s of places you wouldn't otherwise, oh and actually risking your life when others run from danger, we love you, thank you.

Deposits are being accepted at this time, but are non refundable~. We only have a couple of litters per year. Litter size can vary from 5-12 pups, so you never know! They come into heat every 6-10 months. Serious studies have been done on skipping female dog heats and the consequences for the females longevity and health. So we don't skip heats once our girls enter into our breeding program unless we feel it's necessary for them as far as health or too close of a heat. They only have a few litters then they are fixed. There is more study info on my Doberman Health issues page, please read.

*Deposit is $100 non-refundable and all pups will be placed in order of deposits received. We also welcome deposits on future litters if you are not yet ready for a pup but you must get a pup after two available pups to you after getting on our deposit list. 

Please Keep in mind, even though deposits are in place, many are wanting a specific gender and can skip a litter if they are not ready but must pick a pup by the second litter produced after being on our deposit list, so pups may still be available and only a couple taken due to specific needs of my clients with deposits in place. We will continue to take deposits for anyone who is wanting to get in line for one of our dogs we can not guarantee specific litters all pups are placed in order of deposits received, nor can we guarantee gender produced in litters Thank You. 

*Please contact us if you are wanting your puppy to be shipped before placing a deposit, to see if we are able to get a puppy to you Thank You~

PRICING:  $3000 Limited AKC Registration Papers provided: NOTE: WE DO NOT SELL ANY PUPS WITH BREEDING RIGHTS. Thank you~
*Also this includes Dew Claws and tails removed. We do not do ears we leave that up to the buyer. Thank you~

 pricing includes AKC Limited Registration ONLY

DEPOSITS RECEIVED by people listed bellow OR PENDING FOR  Future PUPS

1. Daniel (Male) waiting for future litter not ready yet
2. Tim ( Male) 
3. John S. 
4. Damian F.
5. Michaela  W.
6. Sally Female
7. Andrew Pullin Female
8. Kelly Snell Female
9. Mallory Weaver
10. Megan (Male)
11. Tina Male
12. Brenda R  Male


All Of Our Dogs are also Fed High Quality GREEN TRIPE, it's very-very good for dogs, and although a bit pricey, it's worth the health benefits!


 Our puppies: We take breeding very seriously with the high end trainers who get our dogs for work purpose we have to. When we have a litter all of our puppies are raised under foot in our home not in a Kennel. I work as a basic dog trainer out of my home so I have plenty of time to devote to each litter and believe me it takes time and dedication to raise a litter properly. My clients require this so my dogs get the best start possible.

Please email us and tell us a little about yourselves, we are very careful about how we place our puppies. thank you~ 

*We do reserve the right to pick of any and all litters  , working prospects, service dogs, search and rescue prospects for we are breeding for this purpose. This is never more than one pup per litter and often not even every litter.                                                                        

We do this as a hobby so that we can provide top quality Euro dogs to people in need, but must cover our costs.  
Raising a litter is very costly and time consuming when done right. There are many sleepless nights making sure the dam doesn't lay on pups and all are being fed 24/7 with round-the-clock care for weeks on-end. I believe that it's worth the labor to be home raised because of the opportunity to properly develop personality and neurological function. Mans best friend should be in human contact as much as possible, and raised under foot.  Our dogs are part of our family, they live among us and we are all part of their pack too, so being raised in a loving and stimulating pack environment  is important for emotional balance for a well rounded dog personality that is attentive and always recall-able.  Physically our dogs are specimens of health reinforced with aggressive dog food quality standards and a supplemental premium diet during pre and post natal stages for the dam while feeding.  We use the best vaccines and de-wormer to ensure the puppies are robust and ready to learn and to love without distractions.  Our pups are raised on  natural cedar shavings no newspaper.  Everything is premium and well worth the effort because the result is consistently exemplary dogs ready for duty.  The care of the dam and sire year round as far as health and all and hired help when we decided to be gone for more than a few hours to care for our kids so they get what they need every single day.

Military, Police, service dog/personal protection working dogs are my breeding focus.  

This is our point of breeding and mission Thank you ~

 For us it isn't about the money, It is about preserving the European linage our dogs carry behind them. We do not want our dogs falling into the wrong hands. Often people will breed them to fight here in Oregon and Washington, or to exploit the lines and put them in puppy mill type situations. There are many breeders are doing so.  We have litters so we can provide European dogs of exceptional linage to those in need for search and rescue,service/military dogs ( we have clients of this need and our first focus)  we are very careful to place them all in Loving homes as companions,service dogs,military service dogs for PTSD, search and rescue dogs, and personal protection dogs and good family pets/guardians. 
Family Protectors
Family Companion
Search and Rescue
Service Dogs
Personal Protection
Thank You ~  George and Laersa Paulus

Before coming to you:

* Up to date shots but not over vaccinated. We use a  expensive cutting edge high titter parvo shot and a High titter Distemper shot we do not believe in over vaccinating a young pup for most vaccines don't even provide protection until the final shot! the vaccines we use do however over ride moms antibodies and provide protection so they are worth giving due to this. Pups immune systems are fragile and can be stressed and vaccines that don't work make the pups more vulnerable.

*will be on 7 surfaces by 7 weeks ( this helps to make a well adjusted dog, with more confidence this stimulates the nervous system.
*De wormed starting at two weeks of age and kept up until the pup goes home to you
*Started on house breaking 
* Tails and Dew Claws removed  by our VET and a vet check at the time of tail and dew claw removal.
* Used to having toenails trimmed and teeth looked at.
*you will receive a email with a couple vet numbers for ear cropping if you are wanting to get that done as well as some puppy info as far as deworming,toys suggested etc.
* Vet Checked before leaving our home

* Ear Cropping WE DO NOT DO: We let you decide if you want ears cropped all pups are sold with natural ears we do not have them cropped. If you would like your pups ears cropped you can have this done once you get the pup if the pup is still in the window for ear cropping. We do not offer this because you may not be happy with how our vet does your ears, so we let you find a vet that crops how you specifically would like them to look. Many Vets will crop up to 16 weeks of age. Ideal is 8-12 weeks. But can be done up to 16 weeks of age with sucess.

To Contact our Mentor  and good friend who screens all our clients and Calls please call the number bellow or send her a email at the email address bellow,  after which you will be put in contact with us if she thinks you are a match for one of our dogs. Thank You