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Da Kine Dobermans

  European Doberman Pinschers Top CH lines Bred by George and Laersa Paulus

IPO is Formally known as Schutzhund  IPO stands for International Prufungs-Ordnung

IPO is a sport  trial that includes Tracking,Obedience and Protection meaning several Phases,  that puts a dog to the test of Nerves and control and will. The dog that is to be IPO must pass all Three phases in the trial, which is very hard with extensive responsive behavior put to the total test the dog is pushed to the very upwards limit and without error there is no wiggle room they must excel in this test and respond to the handler. The dog being handled  must  posses certain traits when being handled, and have control when being handled and proper execution, desire,nerves and very high prey drive and will with perfect instinct to pass.  It is a very tough test of will and determination of the dog and ability to have control and be handled in a controlled manner so much as a dirty bite eliminates dogs and dogs can be excused. IPO is looked at very highly by many as Prestigious to have such a title and to pass such a  trial as IPO. Many dogs do not pass so IPO says much about the dog and their linage and ability to do what Dobermans were bred to do Protect and serve man with calm and cool nerves able to take commands and back off subject with a command. You  most defiantly  want a doberman with IPO dogs  behind them, this shows that they will have the nerves to be controlled and learn to be the protectors you need them to be. They IPO Doberman lines are highly sought after and looked at as top quality breeding for what the breed was bred to do, serve and protect man.~ I personally feel IPO is very important to have behind your Euro dogs to show how your breeding program is working and to insure great instinct is being carried on through your breeding program to continue having dogs with high instinct to protect and serve man, the only purpose of this breed of dog.